Business Applications

Wearable technology will expand data collection for companies as consumers can be tracked for location and buying habits from their devices. They are also creating new business opportunities for third party developers to create applications for these devices.


Wearable technology can help businesses run more smoothly with employee tracking and updating from their smart devices. For example when an employee completes a given task, or has been at work for a certain time, it can update the company records for this payroll information.


Practical Business Uses

With current companies involved in globalization more than ever before, technologies are an integral part in making communications seamless and effective. Wearable technologies provide various business application to provide that competitive edge necessary for maximum efficiency.

– Google glass can create a virtual meeting atmosphere within people from around the world.

– Job training can be exercised between the trainer and the recruit from within two different locations

– It removes the necessity of requiring a specific backup or emergency assistance with real time live video interactions with necessary professionals.shutterstock_167429915-1

– With the help of the wearable technology, employees can get real time news feeds and execute necessary actions when necessary as soon as possible.

– With companies operating with business around the world, wearable technology removes the language barrier with various translation applications.

– Business can use it for direct sales as well. for instance, real estate agents could organize a virtual tour of their property.

– Transactions will be even more easier with the announcement of apple watch’s tap to pay feature.


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