Wearable Technology


This Website provides information on the emerging industry of wearable technology products. Our goal is to provide the reader with an in-depth understanding of this market environment and how wearable technology is having a large impact on today’s businesses.

You can read a brief description of what wearable technology is in the About tab.

Under the Business Applications tab you can find various examples of how wearable technology is impacting the business world. From health and fitness products to fashion and even education, wearable technology is making an impact in a variety of industries.

The Consumer Products tab looks at several common wearable technology products in detail. We will look at the applications of these products and what is expected to come in the future from companies involved with wearable technology.

Inside the Issues with Wearable Technology tab you will find information on some of the arising issues with wearable technology and also some possible solutions to these problems.

Finally, you can find links to the articles we used to research this topic in the Additional Sources tab

We hope you enjoy learning about wearable technology as much as we did.

-Peter, Rupen, David, Jack